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Construction Site Sercurity

"We are committed to provide the best armed and unarmed security guard service."

Construction supervisor main concern is to control access to construction while the crew is not present. Our guards utilizes visitor and vendor log-in sheet to record all access to the construction site. No equipment or materials are released without proper permission from the construction supervisor. Our services offer the owner and manager, peace of mind that their equipment, property and materials that they have invested in are safe and secure.

We offer the following services to construction sites:

  • Access Control (Login & Logout visitors and vendors)
  • Patrol the contraction site
  • Prevent graffitti
  • Stop unauthorized vistis
  • Evict loiters
  • Control homeless in and around the construction site
  • Report hazards to construction supervisor
  • Write Daily Activity Report
  • Provide security guard trailer
  • Guard shack

Gated Community and

"Monitor overall safety of the location"
Secure Horizons will perfom the following functions and duties:

  • Patrol assigned areas
  • Operate radio-transmitting equipment, if necessary
  • Provide information, as directed, to the public and visitors
  • Prevent loss, damage, or misuse of property
  • Monitor overall safety of the location
  • Report any unusual incidents or hazardous conditions
  • Any additional duties, which client and contractor agree upon
  • Patrol secure all access to the location
  • Respond to all routine and emergency as directed
  • Maintain an update the security procedures manual, commonly known as "Post Orders"

Shopping Center Security

"Secure Horizons Protective Services Inc. provides an assortment of full-service security programs."

Shopping centers stores. What they have in common is a parking lot. This is where your customers are at greatest risk because of the "nature" of a shopping center parking lot. The most common violent crimes committed in the parking lot are stranger-on-stranger purse snatch and strong-arm robbery and occasionally car jacking’s and abductions.

Secure Horizons Security guards can prevent most of these crimes by having present at the shopping center either by foot patrol, bike patrol or in some cases marked vehicle patrol. Along with providing trained and uniformed security personnel, Secure Horizons Protective Services Inc. provides an assortment of full-service security programs. We offer the following services to shopping centers:

  • Evict loiters
  • Monitor cameras
  • Prevent graffitti
  • Stop unauthorized visits
  • Report burn lights to management
  • Enforce parking rules and regulations
  • Control homeless in and around the shopping center
  • Report hazards to management or maintenance
  • Disperse unauthorized gathering
  • Write Daily Activity Report (DAR)

Patrol Services

"Immediate action taken againts any illegal activity on the property"

Patrol service is beneficial for locations that need a security presence, but do not have a need for continuous standing guard services. Professional uniformed Secure Horizons security officers driving marked company patrol vehicles will patrol your property at pre-set frequencies. Benefits of patrol services:

  • High visibility deterrent to criminal activity
  • Property perimeter checks for trespassers/vagrants
  • Property lock-up and unlock if requested
  • Immediate action taken againts any illegal activity on the property
  • Enforcement of property rules and regulations
  • Burglar alarm response
  • Urgent occurrence response
  • Parking enforcement: Illegally parked vehicles issued warnings and/or towed depending on client request
  • Safety hazard reporting
  • Computerized report preparation
  • Peace of mind that your property will be regularly checked at regular intervals by trained professionals